About us

Scandicell is one of the technology companies under the owner, Anders Prehn.

We maintain our headquarters in Scandinavia and have operated from here since the beginning, with our office and majority of our employees.

The fields that have been worked in, since 2005 have primarily been development of high efficiency solutions for lighting and video based on LED technology all the way down to production line planning.
The strengths that Scandicell possess lies primarily with our experience. Strong electronic capabilities and experience, with 15 years in production, development and trade in Asia, along with a great joy during continued efforts to develop.
At Scandicell, we are working together with our partners (EVOLED, VISUALED, and other production lines partners) to achieve our target to be self-sustained with renewable energy and save the environment.

The Solar PV systems  in the constantly evolving Scandicell product program, are thoroughly tested as well as quality checked, to the point where they are able to measure up against the better end of the market, for the sake of offering Scandicell customers a way to safely weigh quality against investment, return and lifespan.

At Scandicell, we know that development and evolving is the way forward. For a better environment as well as energy optimizing, helping us to secure a future that is in a much better situation for our children and the future generations.

The principle is that all parameters can be discussed and argued about. We believe that we have achieved a high standard for our products, which is one of the best choices in regards to good quality as well as good return for our customers.